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Friday, December 30, 2005

chassidic musings

There was a man who spent his entire life looking for kulahs (leniencies) in all aspects of halacha (Jewish law) - whatever it was, he would search around until he found a rabbi who had a more lenient opinion he could rely on.

After 120 years, he came up to the gates of Shamayim. Hashem looked at the man's life record and said, "Well, you certainly did everything I asked of you. Angels, please take this man straight to Gan Eden!" (Garden of Eden)

The angels escorted the ecstatic man straight into the gates of heaven and brought him into a small room. But when they arrived, all there was in the room was a dark, damp cell, a table, and one small candle! The man was shocked and quickly looked angels and asked in horror, "This is Heaven???"

The angels looked at him and said "According to some opinions.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Map of Tanya is today's book of the week! check it out!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Map of Tanya made shmais' pic of the day today. check it out

A brilliantly organized, attractive, presentation of the 53 chapters of Likutei Amarim, the central work of Chabad Chasidic thought.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Chanukah!

Happy Chanukah to family and friends!

Chanukah celebrates the "Eternal Jew" - the shining light that can never be snuffed out.

Soo... Following in the shadow of Arch-Blogger "Nobody", I'll posit the following assignment:

LIST TEN DEFINITIONS that describe the Jewish Spark... Now - that's my idea of clean chassidic fun!

My sudden inspiration is from the video "Lights" which portrays "essential Jewishness" through imagery of dancing Alef-Beis letters. Particularly the letter Alef. Alef: Oneness; a seamless connection with G-d.

So that's my first definition...

A Freilichin Chanukah!
- Posted by Delirious Damsel

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yay Andy!

i've died and gone to chassidic melody heaven!

check out the lengthy sound bites:
song 1 rocks

#3 is the most amazing starting at like 1:45 into the song so it gets cut off before you can experience the best part

and isn't nye zuritzi -mandolin so san fransisco!!! don't worry, man! dig it.
we be goin to da source fo a drink o wateh

seriously, this is really good.

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I'm, Too Hot For My G-d

When told that a particular lady who will be using mikvah for the first (and only, as far as she is concerned, unless she has a PHENOMENAL experience) time is petrified about uncleanliness (in the mikveh premises), an unnamed head shaliach responded, [paraphrased] "tell her to take towels, and put some bags of ice inside, and wrap it around, and put it on herself. That is what you tell a lady who is petrified of going to mikvah."

Me: "But I thought a chossid's job is to make warm, not ch"v krisas?"

Him: "If you get too hot, then you become a meshichist!"

As far as i know, the only place chassidus addresses being too hot is regarding inyonim that are not for the sake of g-d (there's no concept of being too passionate about g-dly things [except re klois ha'nefesh & need for shuv... is that different?]. given that premise, is that, then the definition of a meshichist [according to an anti] --(davke not tzfatim, but rather like the Garelik/Majesky types), that they are too hot in a manner that is not for hash-m? or is it rather that their choice of expression is not in the bestly chosen keilem :)? in which case, their heat persay is not the issue, but rather the focus, or the expression, the timing... whatever

btw i got annoyed today at a college kid who used the word persay entirely incorrectly, just to sound really adult-like, and i could just tell that he likes to use that word a lot, and doesn't even know how to use it, and it irked me. so i hope i just used it right that last paragraph, or i'm a slug.

i bentsch ya'll that your head shaliach should be as geshmak and dog-on fun to work with.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Definition of a Chossid?

a girl asked me the other day how to define a chossid. so let's compile a top 10 list. help me out:

1. one who goes beyond the 'letter of the law'.

2. eizeh hu chossid: hamischassid im koinoi (Tikunei Zohar)

3. one for which "Worldly affairs do not disturb or distract him. Every individual can, and every individual must, attain this level."

5. All his affairs "are G-dliness." Though this level "is not distant from you etc.," it is still not within everyone's reach.

6. a lamplighter

what else?