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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I'm, Too Hot For My G-d

When told that a particular lady who will be using mikvah for the first (and only, as far as she is concerned, unless she has a PHENOMENAL experience) time is petrified about uncleanliness (in the mikveh premises), an unnamed head shaliach responded, [paraphrased] "tell her to take towels, and put some bags of ice inside, and wrap it around, and put it on herself. That is what you tell a lady who is petrified of going to mikvah."

Me: "But I thought a chossid's job is to make warm, not ch"v krisas?"

Him: "If you get too hot, then you become a meshichist!"

As far as i know, the only place chassidus addresses being too hot is regarding inyonim that are not for the sake of g-d (there's no concept of being too passionate about g-dly things [except re klois ha'nefesh & need for shuv... is that different?]. given that premise, is that, then the definition of a meshichist [according to an anti] --(davke not tzfatim, but rather like the Garelik/Majesky types), that they are too hot in a manner that is not for hash-m? or is it rather that their choice of expression is not in the bestly chosen keilem :)? in which case, their heat persay is not the issue, but rather the focus, or the expression, the timing... whatever

btw i got annoyed today at a college kid who used the word persay entirely incorrectly, just to sound really adult-like, and i could just tell that he likes to use that word a lot, and doesn't even know how to use it, and it irked me. so i hope i just used it right that last paragraph, or i'm a slug.

i bentsch ya'll that your head shaliach should be as geshmak and dog-on fun to work with.


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