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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yay Andy!

i've died and gone to chassidic melody heaven!

check out the lengthy sound bites:
song 1 rocks

#3 is the most amazing starting at like 1:45 into the song so it gets cut off before you can experience the best part

and isn't nye zuritzi -mandolin so san fransisco!!! don't worry, man! dig it.
we be goin to da source fo a drink o wateh

seriously, this is really good.


Blogger nobody said...

i want to check out the charles street synagogue - they play there every monday and thursday at 8:30pm?! i'm there! air fare on sale now for $178 - rochel wanna go? dena, we'll meet you there. i'll drink your drink for ya. wink.

12:24 AM


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